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$5 Fridays: Extended Make it Vintage!

Due to popular request, I am extending the $5 Make it Vintage! digital for this week as well. Enjoy!

Free Template Tuesday

A little gift for my friends :) Christmas 08 gift tags. Print them on cardstock and cut out or print with Avery 5294 labels for cute seals.

Download PDF here.

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Christmas, filled with happiness and joy!

Focus On: Gift Certificates

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!

I know a lot of us are doing some last minute shopping, and I just wanted to mention that we offer fabulous gift certificates for our shop! Perfect for someone who is a little difficult to buy for, but LOVES things that mean something! They can use it to their hearts desire: silhouettes, photo sessions, canvases, anything!

All you do is click the button below and purchase; paypal can either send it directly through email or you can print out the paypal version with your redemption code. Then you just download the cute gift certificate here and fill it out!

Simple. In 5 minutes you have a great gift!

$5 Fridays: Make it Vintage! Digital

Okay, I am probably crazy for offering these on $5 Friday, but I am hoping people will see how beautiful these look on screen, and just HAVE to get a canvas :) We shall see.

This week, for only $5, I will turn your photo vintage and send you back the digital file. You can use it as you will :)

If you would like to buy a canvas with this new fantastic piece of art, I will offer them for only $20 for the 8x10 and $30 for the 11x14. That saves $15! (ask for larger sizes, with the same discount, of course.)

I will run the offer until Monday 9:00 AM, and your digital file will be delivered by Monday evening. After placing your order in the shop, (multiple quantities in one order are okay), just email your photos to art@heirloompaperie.com.

Order here!

P.S. Canvases WILL be ready before Christmas!

As always, thanks for visiting!

Free Template Tuesday: Birthday Mini-Banners

My son, Chomper (er, Will) just celebrated his 1st birthday! I made these fun mini banners and used them as center pieces and buffet decor, so I thought I would share them with you!

The pdf includes a sheet for a boy or girl, age 1-5. If there is a special age you need, just let me know and I would be happy to make it for you! (art@heirloompaperie.com) Just print out the sheet that you need, and cut along the dotted lines. I put them in name card holders that I got from a restaurant supply place, but they would also be cute strung across with ribbon for a banner.

Download here

They are just too cute to pass up, and FREE! Spread the news :)

Focus On: Make it Vintage!

This week's focus in on our custom service: Make it Vintage!

Basically, you send a photo, or pick one from your session, choose mild, medium or heavy, and we work our magic! It is then printed on a fine art, heirloom quality, rolled canvas that is ready to frame. Our standard sizes are 8x10 and 11x14 (any custom size available, just email art@heirloompaperie.com for details.)

Everyone who sees these canvases are absolutely blown away...they are just SO beautiful! The pigment really picks up on canvas and makes your piece of art stand out.

Keep in mind, that the better quality the photo, the better the results, and of course, the best results are achieved with professional photos :) We will pick the best type of texture within your 'mild/medium/or heavy' range.

{One last thing to remember...this is art, and it is subjective...results will vary, but we will do our VERY best professional job to ensure your satisfaction.}

Here are some examples:



And here are some great before/afters: The first one is a simple portrait from Sears, turned beautiful!


This next one is just a snapshot I took when my baby first came home:


As beautiful as these look on screen, remember, they look absolutely AMAZING on canvas!
Place your order here in our shop!

$5 Fridays: Custom Tags

I am wrapping a lot of Christmas Presents this week, can you tell?
This week for Five Dollar ($5) Friday, I am offering a custom Monogram gift tag in your choice of colors and fonts for printing at home:) You can print them on Avery label paper (5294), or just regular cardstock.

Check them out in the shop here! Just specify which colors and fonts you want to use; also, if you want custom pantone colors, just let me know, I will be happy to oblige.

Your custom tags will be digitally delivered by Monday evening ready to print! 12 per sheet (8.5 x 11")

These will be $5 until Sunday, after that they will be $8, so order soon!

Free Template Tuesday: Holiday Labels

Happy Tuesday! It snowed here today...nothing makes me feel more "Christmas-y" than a fresh blanket of snow :) Just kidding, it has already melted.

Our template this week is so fun! Holiday wrapping labels - I use them on almost any size box, I just wrap a cute ribbon around and use these labels to seal it. Super easy and super cute. I use Avery labels because they are easy to find and inexpensive.

So, here is the template to download.
And here is the font I used.

Just open in Microsoft Word and edit to your heart's desire! You can print them on Avery labels or just on regular cardstock and cut out. It prints 6 to a sheet.

(Avery Compatible Products: 5164, 5264, 5524, 8164, 8254, 8464, 48464, 55164, 58164)

Thanks for stopping by!

Focus on: Silhouettes

Hello again! I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting this week...we had a great opener! To say "Thanks", I'm offering a 10% opening discount for EVERYONE! Just use the code THANKSALOT in my shop :) Tell your friends!

And don't forget, if you would like to mention Heirloom Paperie on your own blog, just comment anywhere on the blog (include your *fabulous* blog address) and I will personally send you a 20% off discount code.
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So...This is the beginning of a beautiful and informative blog. Mondays I will feature a "Focus On" section that will go into more detail about certain products; Tuesdays will be "Template Tuesdays" where I offer a FREE and fabulous template every week that you can use at your disposal (this week's is SO CUTE...Holiday Labels for wrapping.) Friday's will be "Five Dollar ($5) Fridays" where I offer a product or service for only $5! I hope you like what we are putting together over here at Heirloom Paperie, it has been so fun!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
On to the topic at hand: Silhouettes

I know you probably know this, but I LOVE silhouettes! They just take me back in time, where things seemed a little more simple and meaningful. So far, one of our best viewed products have been the digital silhouettes....basically, you provide a photo, and we do the rest. We send you a totally scalable silhouette that you can make as big or small as you want for only $35! Perfect for wall clings, personal stationary, gift tags, HUGE prints...anything!

So here are some tips on how to take a great photo for your silhouettes:

1. Stand approximately 4 feet away from your subject.
2. Get at eye level with your subject.
3. Try to have the subject stay as still as possible, and no smiles!
4. Get the subject’s entire head and hair in the photograph.

That's it! Send it to art@heirloompaperie.com
Here is a recent silhouette for my dear friend Mary, loved the cute necklace her daughter was wearing!